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Security Alarm Monitoring Service

Security monitoring for YOUR family & premises is NOT expensive! For a little more than a good cup of coffee you can have 24/7 peace-of-mind for a week! Prices start at only $6.60.

Security Alarm Monitoring Service Monitoring your alarm with Elite Security Systems gives you the highest level of monitoring through a fully equipped centre constructed in accordance with Australian Standards, and is an ASIAL accredited Grade A1 facility.

The 24/7 centre is staffed by an experienced team who are fully licensed & committed to ongoing improvements & efficiencies. We aim to provide you with the latest & most reliable Security monitoring products and services, and best of all when you ring in to the centre you actually speak to a real operator & not a machine!

The centre is a member of ASIAL, AMCA & PERSA and we now offer a wide range of products that operate over various networks from your basic phone line to more advanced IP, GPRS and 3G polling systems.

Security Monitoring

Why have your system monitored?

Security GuardHaving your system monitored through our bureau facility gives you many advantages as follows:

  • You have peace of mind knowing that action is taking place as soon as your system is activated
  • It is quite normal these days for people to ignore alarms, can you blame them? Your neighbour may try to help, but how would you feel if the intruder assaulted them or worse? Drug affected intruders have little respect for law! Monitored systems remove this terrible thought by utilising Police & Patrols
  • You get free unlimited service 24/7 when you are monitored on “Service Pack”
  • Customers connected to “Extender Pack” can take advantage of extended warranty on all your system way beyond the manufacturers warranty
  • Insurance companies recognise monitoring through grade A1 facilities for claims & reductions in premiums
  • Your systems vital signs (power,batteries,electrical faults etc) are also being monitored remotely