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Protecting your Family, home or business should be a priority for anyone’s ┬áPeace-of-Mind

The design & installation of any system is a major part in making your system work as it should with no stress to you. Ease of operation allows everyone to go about their day-to-day activities leaving your system in the background until it needs to go into action.

Going for the cheapest quote with security can sometimes lead to equipment incorrectly installed or even the wrong type of devices, leading to a very stressful experience upsetting not only you but also your neighbours!

At Elite Security Systems the design of your protection is paramount to us, we never use contractors or commission sales people for this most important aspect of security!

Design & installation of a new system or upgrading existing security should have the equipment tailored to suit the job, after all some manufacturers do things better than others in certain areas. The practice of using only one manufacturer’s equipment is something we do NOT do!

The world is a very different place to the old “Stereo-typed” jewellery burglar wearing a balaclava & crawling over the hot tin roof! In today’s world the protection needs to be for people as well as dwellings and this is why it is so important to design & install correctly the first time.

There are a few specialties that we focus on with electronic alarms:

  1. Perimeter security to windows & doors for night time while your asleep. This gives YOU & YOUR family “peace of mind” but coupled with inside sensors gives greater security when your not home as well. (the ultimate for people with pets indoors)

  2. Wireless Hybrid systems for both hardwired & radio devices.
    These systems cause minimal mess & disruption to your premises & can be moved with you should you sell & move on. Today these systems are very sophisticated & cost effective.

  3. Smoke detection for all types of premises. If you have a large premises either single or two storey or even raked ceiling multi-level, we can install devices to meet current regulations. Did you know the SAMFS & Country fire service advise that all smoke alarms need to be changed every TEN years?

Are you protected agains intruders?       Are you protected against Fire?

Customers connected to “Elite Service Pack” enjoy FREE service 24/7 when monitored with Elite.

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